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About Us

About Us

To know how it works! To show how it works! - The website Internet-ABC ( is a playful and also safe offer to start using the internet. The non-commercial website addresses children (age 5 to 12), parents and educators. For these three target groups the website contains basic knowledge, educational and advisory offers, tips and tricks as well as information for the advanced about the secure use of the www.

The non-profit society's purpose is to support children and adults using the internet in a competent and responsible way. At the same time, wants to encourage adults in communicating media literacy.

For children

Eddie, Flizzy, Percy and Jumpy on a surfboard

The pages for children offer four categories: "computer & internet", "school & hobby", games & fun" and "join in & take part". As there are animal companions for each category - a penguin, an ant eater, a squirrel and a kangaroo - the children can become familiar with the internet, its chances and possibilities as well as its risks and dangers in a playful and safe way.

The pages contain for example the "to know how it works"-modules which deal with subjects such as chat, e-mail, safe surfing, search engines etc. There are link lists in support of children's homework. Interactive elements such as a forum, an online picture-book and a moderated chat complement the websites offers. All features directed to children are supervised by the editors.

For parents and pedagogues

The pages for adults show the www with all its options as well as with all its risks and dangers. Beginners and professionals find information about the latest developments, the Safe use of the internet- and first of all, the website assists parents and teachers in introducing children to the use of the internet in a safe way: At which age do I permit my child to take the first steps through the www? Where do I have to pay special attention to? Briefly: How can I impart media literacy to adolescents?

For example, they find recommendations on the use of filter software. A special category contains information about legal protection for children and young persons. A data base offers a positive selection of games and learning software appropriate for children between 5 and 12. In addition, teachers receive specific tips and worksheets incorporating the internet in the curriculum and especially for the use in primary schools.

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Neue Studie zur Smartphone-Nutzung von Kindern und Jugendlichen
Wie wird das Smartphone im Alltag genutzt? Welche Potenziale und Gefahren stecken dahinter? Wie wirkt sich die digitale Kommunikation auf das Miteinander im Freundeskreis und in der Familie aus? Diesen und weiteren Fragen ist eine neue Studie der Landesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen (LfM) nachgegangen.





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